EETER are a three-piece who fuse sinister and granular electronics with hypnotic, enveloping vocal calls. They combine traditional southern Estonian folk song with mesmeric futurism, in a similar vein to the traditional sounds of Kuwait when at the mercy of Fatima Al Qadiri.
Ethereal worlds where smooth yet scratching ambient meets psychedelic raw folk are created combining electronics, voice and piano. The band is made up of Anna Hints, Marja-Liisa Plats and Ann Reimann, who are all actively involved in various spheres of the creative world. They have been making music together since late autumn of 2013.
Eeter are steeped in the folklore of Voromaa and Setomaa, two regions in southern Estonia with a language and culture distinct from the rest of the country. Theirs is a culture bedded in a rich relationship between humanity and the earth, an ancient form of local paganism. The song of this culture, a distinctive vocal reprise passed down from Anna and Marja-Liisa’s grandmothers, adorns much of Eeter’s material. Interwoven with Ann’s classical and filmic discipline, it makes Eeter a unique and fascinating proposition.