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THE LOVELY EGGS are an underground surreal-psych punk rock duo from northern England. They have a fierce DIY ethos that music should have no rules. With their no nonsense attitude The Lovely Eggs are a breath of fresh air in an industry where true authenticity is hard to find.

Eggs Holly Ross and David Blackwell have produced five albums so far, as well as racking up eight BBC Radio 6 Music sessions. 2018’s LP ‘This Is Eggland’ saw their first encounter with Dave Fridmann as producer/mixer after Holly left a drunken message on his studio answerphone asking him to work with them. Dave got back in touch with them a year later and Eggland was born. It was released in February 2018 to critical acclaim and announced by HMV as one of their Top 50 Albums of the year.

A new album, ‘I Am Moron’, bearing the fruit of their second collaboration with Grammy-award winning producer Fridmann, will be released on the band’s own label in April. The LP’s lead single ‘This Decision’, released in January 2020, unfurled a seething two-minute-and-fifty-seconds of rage, capturing the zeitgeist of disillusioned Brexit Britain.

With observational and often surreal lyrics about life The Lovely Eggs have a powerful raw sound that creates the sonic illusion of a band twice their size. The result is a mix of heavy psych, pop and strangeness and they have become known for their ferocious yet joyous live performances. Welcome To Eggland!