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THE STARLIGHT MAGIC HOUR beckon you into a world of victims-turned-perpetrators, heroes and villains switching roles on a whim and an ongoing battle between love and hate. A world where the line between good and evil is so blurred and yet so clear.

These sometimes horrific tales of abuse and conflict are a mutated, reflection of the bleak reality that this world, presented in these songs, exists and hides in plain sight. But with every war comes a victory, no-matter how bittersweet and although the Starlights may touch on abuse and the vulgar side of the human condition, they don’t ignore the positive sides of these characters, the side that wants to feel love and the triumph in overcoming trauma.

The Manchester/London collective sprung from the same world of grim realism as Fat White Family around the start of 2018, emitting a similar sense of unease. Their grimy, Pogues-y rock has a magnetism to it that will make you question your morals.