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工工工 (Gong Gong Gong) is a rhythm-oriented guitar and bass boogie unit. The group was formed in Beijing in 2015 by Tom Ng of famed Hong Kong band The Offset: Spectacles and Joshua Frank of wild post-punk brother duo Hot & Cold. Both have been active in Beijing’s underground music scene for a decade.

Gong Gong Gong reshapes and deconstructs blues, rock n’ roll, and folk storytelling, using repetition and percussive playing techniques to draw out “phantom rhythms” between instruments. Guitar strumming becomes a snare-and-cymbal pulse, and bass melodies are punctuated with muted low-end roar. Meticulously structured but also untethered and raw, Gong Gong Gong’s sound draws inspiration from Bo Diddley, Minimalism, and psychedelic transnational blues from West Africa to Southeast Asia.