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ERIC COPELAND has been sound clashing at full volume for over 20 years. Copeland first carved a named for himself as one third of the legendary NY-via-Providence band Black Dice. He is also a wildly prolific solo artist and has played a variety of shit houses and party palaces and seemingly everywhere in between, all over the world.

A long time Brooklyn resident, Copeland participated in more than one generation’s musical celebration. While maintaining a relatively humble and low key presence in a highly competitive musical world, he has managed to release a few albums and singles per year on indie labels such as L.I.E.S., Escho (Iceage), PPM (No Age), Paw Tracks (Animal Collective) and DFA. He is also one-half Terrestrial Tones duo, finding Animal Collective’s Avey Tare on the other end of that project.

Copeland has continued on his path of deconstruction – forming tracks of scrapped samples, damaged loops and controlled chaos. It’s certainly not easy listening music, yet somehow Copeland manages to pull through with his demented pop sensibilities crawling up from the muck and spewing out on the beach to catch a tan. His latest work, ‘Trogg Modal Vol. 2’, is a highly dancebale, late-night proto techno record, released on his longstanding home of DFA.