A note to the PZYK congregation.

2017’s Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia was another hugely successful happening; a cosmic collection of artists and otherworldly adventures that embraced the full breadth of the PZYK diaspora. Each year we look to reimagine what Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia can be, ensuring that we present the most relevant, essential and eclectic festival we can.

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia is run by a small team. Just like you – the thousands who descend on Liverpool each year and make the festival what it is – we’re fans. We do it because we are completely in love with the music and culture we celebrate at the festival. The festival has grown hugely over the past six years. We’re determined to ensure that it continues to develop as it has done; pushing at the bleeding edge and challenging the idea of what constitutes the modern psychedelic condition.

In order to give us the opportunity to do this, the festival will be taking a year off in 2018. A fallow year. An opportunity for the grass to regrow. A chance for us to explore and develop the next phase of the festival’s development.

The festival will be back in 2019.

Until then we would like to say thank you for the support, love and enthusiasm that you – the PZYK congregation – have drowned the festival in over the past six years. You have made the festival what it is.

Now is the start of a new PZYK future.

Yours in drone.