PZYK 2021 — 15 May 2021

It is with great sadness we are today announcing the cancellation of PZYK 2021.

Despite the positive vaccination news, we still have no certainty as to whether it will be feasible to host the festival in May 2021. With months of continued planning ahead to realise PZYK 2021, we do not have the luxury of waiting until the spring before making a decision as to whether we can welcome our congregation to Liverpool in May.
We appreciate that people travel from around the world to visit the festival and out of respect we want to provide clarity as soon as possible.
We were incredibly excited about presenting the festival at a new venue and we have made the decision to cancel with a heavy heart.
We look forward to a point in the future when COVID-19 is but a distant nightmare and we can come together once more.
Refunds will be processed automatically by our ticketing partner Eventim on Monday 30th November.
All original tickets remain valid for the re-arranged date. If you have any further ticketing enquiries, please contact Eventim here.

Yours in drone, always.



Alongside their collaboration on PZYK SKAN, research cell AUDiNT will host a unique presentation as part of this year’s Musings In Drone at Liverpool Psych Fest 2017.
Originally formatted in 1945 by three ex-members of the Ghost Army, AUDiNT now currently consists of Eleni Ikoniadou, Toby Heys, Steve Goodman (Kode9), Souzanna Zamfe and Patrick Defasten. Drafted into the research cell in 2009 by a rogue artificial intelligence named IREX2, they have been directed to investigate the ways in which ultrasonic, sonic, and infrasonic frequencies are used to modulate psychological, physiological and architectural states.
Of specific interest is the fact that ever since the invention of recording technologies such as the phonograph and telephone, military organisations have been interested in the ways in which vibration not only connects but also converges and de-territorialises the realms of the living and the dead. The presentation they will give extrapolates on these ideas and presents us with a brief historical overview of this spectral archive, that stretches from 1944 to 2064; from the Ghost Army to the Wandering Soul strategy; from phantom sonic economies to the Walking Dead Syndrome; from exhumed holographic rappers to holosonic warfare. This is a period that they refer to as the century of zombie sound, an era further investigated in AUDiNT’s upcoming anthology named Unsound:Undead, which will be published in 2018.
A Century Of Zombie Sound will be presented by AUDiNT on the afternoon of Saturday 23 September in PZYK CINEMA, as part of Musings In Drone.