PZYK PRYZM is an immersive area located within a standalone warehouse space in the upstairs gallery of Camp and Furnace. An experimental AV environment playing host to large-scale audiovisual installations, a limited set of exclusive live performances and a bespoke virtual reality zone.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Tech Hydro
With PsychFi

We are immensely proud of our unique reputation for commissioning, curating and collating virtual reality artworks and immersive digital environments at the vanguard of today’s tech developments, building on the traditional psychedelic idea of transportation and the exploration of parallel ‘otherworlds’. This year’s festival will be no different, with a perception-bending collection of VR, immersive tech, bio-tech, 4-D scanning and Dreammachines curated to explore the extreme day-to-day experiences of the modern condition. If there is an ‘extreme hedonism’ how would it manifest? How will we all be destroyed?
This two-day happening, produced in partnership with PsychFi, will bring together the most influential, independent minds in psychedelic, cyberdelic and counter culture, exploring the ideas of extremes, resistance and unity via immersive experiences. On discussion will be how psychedelics, alternative culture and immersive technology can literally change our perception of reality and how what was once perceived as science fiction is now becoming a reality.
The timing couldn’t be more important. We live in a world of extremes; extreme manifestations of politics, digital culture, climate change, robotics and religion are omnipresent in the daily existence of people around the world. Like in the 1960s, the world is under a cloud of uncertainty
and upheaval, and this has been exasperated all the more by the overlapping of the perceived boundaries of right or wrong, real or false. The term ‘fake’ is now often used to blur these so-called boundaries.
Expect a mix of immersive experiences, large-scale AV installation, group transportation, bio-tech, pop-up performance and extreme conversation aboard a flying saucer-shaped, free-flowing think tank that will take you on an accelerated tour of the collective imagination. All this takes place within the PZYK PRYZM Virtual Reality and Immersive Tech Hydro throughout the festival.