As a festival, we have become increasingly excited by – and progressively more obsessed with – the boundless possibilities the ever blossoming sphere of virtual reality presents. Our goal with Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia has always been transportation; taking people somewhere else, on a voyage to a new perspective. For us, that was always the original psychedelic message and it’s a mantra we’ve been working, over the past five years, to expand upon. VR makes anything possible. By embracing this technology, we can go anywhere together.

PZYK VR sees three new VR artworks in development, to be shown within PZYK PRYZM, an immersive AV environment playing host to large-scale audiovisual environments at this year’s festival. With our PZYK VR commissions we’re seeking to facilitate the creation of a series of new alternative realities.



Perambulator v.1 will bring together the idiosyncratic, off the wall madness of long time SFA illustrator and monsterist Pete Fowler, brought to life in partnership with Liverpool creative agency Draw&Code. The piece promises to be nothing short of a mind-boggling excursion into a rather gloriously off-beat other world. Perambulator v.1 will be soundtracked by guitarist Huw Bunford of festival headliners Super Furry Animals.

Speaking to us about the project, Pete Fowler enthused that, “Having the chance to create a world and let people wander around it is a mind blowing concept and one I jumped on immediately. I’ve been involved in animation before but this will be on another level entirely. After having seen what Draw&Code have done and can do I’m ridiculously excited.” Draw&Code’s Andy Cooper added: “Working with Pete Fowler and Huw Bunford is a thrill; it’s a rare treat to collaborate with artists that you have been into for years, especially as part of an event as daring as Psych Fest. When Pete came to visit the Draw&Code studio the designers among us were a wee bit starstruck!”



By MICHAEL ENGLAND + DEMDIKE STARE + Alex Hindle + Alasdair Swenson

Michael England is the long-time visual collaborator with Demdike Stare, with the two only tending to only come together on one-off special projects. This outing will be no exception. With the group, England has weaved Demdike’s unique haunting electronica with his own trademark stark and brutal visual aesthetic. Together with Alex Hindle and Alasdair Swenson they aim to open up the genre of  the VR music experience, taking the viewer on a truly immersive journey through the Forest Of Evil. Beware of the Blobman.




Developed by PZYK in partnership with PsychFi, The Coloverse and soundtracked by Bonnacons Of Doom, DIONYSIA will take the viewer on a VR trip to our very own PZYK COLONY. This is a place where the pulse of life is set by the deep, loose, future-throb of drone. A Mecca to the PZYK-Enlightenment. A settlement from this planet, yet not of it. A marriage of odd-nature, heady-seismology and Dionysian kicks. Our future colony. A heavy terrain where analogue fuzz meets subterranean gloop and the hot-hiss blanket of kaleidoscopic hum. Join the PZYK Colony.

Pzyk Pryzm at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

The whole scope of virtual reality, what it may become and the potential it posses is a global debate, one of the most vibrant of our times. When VR handshakes between presidents are front page news, we believe its imperative this technology is harvested to take people somewhere new, expand horizons and discover new realities; to go beyond the obvious and the mundane.

We would like to thank Arts Council England for their support and partnership on PZYK VR.

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