After the great success of its inaugural outing in 2015, we’re happy to announce artists and artworks for this year’s PZYK PRYZM. This immersive area, located within a standalone warehouse space, is an experimental AV environment playing host to large-scale audiovisual installations, a limited set of exclusive live performances and three newly commissioned virtual reality artworks.

PZYK PRYZM’s live performances take place within a shifting, wide-format AV cell and feature live sets from OLIVER COATES, VIRTUAL FOREST, BONNACONS OF DOOM and BIG NATURALS. Electronic minimalist maestro Oliver Coates appears following rapturous response to his LP ‘Upstepping’ and collaborations with Radiohead, Actress and Massive Attack. Bristolian psych noise troupe Big Naturals, of the Captcha and Rocket recording stables, are joined by de facto PZYK house band and purveyors of sprawling, unhinged audio greatness Bonnacons Of Doom in creating sonic environments to complement PRYZM’s unique setting. And the mystic solo project of Marco Bernacchia, Virtual Forest, completes the list of acts who will be performing within PZYK PRYZM.

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PZYK PRYZM also features PERSPECTION; an audiovisual exploration of the limits of sonic and visual perception by artists Pierce Warnecke + Matthew Biederman. The work explores the perception of space through the use of projection on a series of specifically oriented projection surfaces and spatialised audio.


Perspection seeks to embed the physical experience of perception in place and create a hyper-awareness of the act of perception by correlating screen space with physical space through precise modelling and manipulation of existing architecture and three-dimensional models. The work navigates between interactivity and generativity through synchronisation, extreme dynamics and static moments both visually and sonically, building up and breaking down the very dimensions and characteristics of the physical space created by the interplay between light, sound, and colour. The installation arrives at Liverpool Psych Fest following showings at MUTEK (Montreal) Currents Media Art Festival (Santa Fe) and FILE (Sao Paolo).

Full details on the PZYK VR modules within PZYK PRYZM can be found here.