PZYK 2015 REVIEWS: Clash + The Skinny

“It sounds like a time-warped, panoptic parallel dimension. And quite frankly it is. Although in scale it may seem small, in sonic scope it has us reeling in reverie.”

This is how CLASH magazine described their weekend at Liverpool Psych Fest 2015. You can read the full live report, written by David Weir, right HERE.

The Skinny Northwest’s Simon Jay Catling also joined the party, saying “there seems to be a renewed effort to dodge the question of what psych is, recognising instead a broad church that allows anyone to get their mind-opening kicks — whether that’s achieved by ear-splitting guitar volume, cyclical motorik or digital mutations.” Read the whole review below, or online HERE.

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As well as these, there were also excellent reviews from Drowned in Sound, Prog magazine and Les In Rocks.

PZYK 2015 REVIEWS: Clash + The Skinny Back